Abacus Architects


Architectural Technician


Bachelor of Architectural Studies, University of Cape Town, South Africa

About Ian

Ian traces his interest in architecture to working with his grandfather, who was a civil engineer doing structural work. With previous experience at two other architectural firms, Ian joined Abacus after becoming acquainted with the firm at a Gallery Night. Ian’s professional interests are design oriented, and he cites individuals at the top of their game in South Africa, where he studied architecture, as a strong influence. Ian brings a holistic approach to his work, ensuring that everything in a building is connected and harmonious and that the design is fully resolved for every need. Ideally, Ian believes, architecture should allow humans to achieve self-empowerment and true freedom in their lives.

On working with him

“I strive to give clients what they need, a design that is forward-thinking but is still logical to the everyday user. Our creativity takes ordinary construction methods and turns them into something that is beautiful and inspiring, while fulfilling the intended use and allowing for flexibility.”

On his favorite project

“A new visitors’ center, office and museum, all in one, designed to be a destination for schoolchildren and adults from both inside and outside the community.”

On his own time

“I’m artistic and enjoy doing acrylic paintings—primarily portraits—and sculpture. I also do web design, travel a lot, and have taken courses at the Blair School of Realism in South Carolina.”

On relational architecture

“I personally see two relationships: The first is between the client and Abacus, getting to know the client and taking them through the process as a friend. The second is to design so that occupants of a building relate to one another as well as to the building, to make places feel welcoming and inviting.”

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