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Abacus Architects promotes Blanke

Abacus Architects is proud to announce that Anne Blanke has been promoted to owner and principal. Blanke, 37, of Glenbeulah, has a B.A. in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and a B.A. in Interior Design from Mount Mary University. She has played a very important role in making Abacus what it is today. She started nearly day one of Abacus, in January of 2004.


Anne Blanke | Interior Designer

As a 10-year-old, Anne kept a sketchbook of floor plans, so her career choice was pretty much a foregone conclusion. She completed degrees in both architecture and interior design, which allows her to plan interior spaces that seamlessly integrate with the overall goals of a project. Whether designing a small aesthetic remodeling or a large corporate interior, Anne is passionate about finessing the details to make inside spaces inspiring places to be. The firm’s first employee after it was founded by the partners, Anne is also a certified LEED Accredited Professional to assist clients with energy and environmentally conscious design.



Designing buildings that connect with people and places.

Creating places that inspire, enrich, or simply work well is vitally important to us. In fact, every project we pursue is based on our ability to advance our clients’ lives. At Abacus Architects, we design to build relationships. It’s only fundamental. Architecture should serve the people who inhabit the places we create, not the other way around. It’s architecture for all of us, building together to reach a common goal.


Firm History

In 2003, three architects and a civil engineer got together to build on an idea: An architectural firm of employee owners vested in the company’s success. A firm inspired by client priorities, not architect egos. A firm where people come first, everything else second. A firm of equality, not hierarchy. A firm dedicated to serving the common good.

Today, Abacus Architects, Inc. is a full-service firm deeply committed to enhancing human lives and enterprises through the practice of architecture. We apply our expertise in architecture, civil engineering, interior design, lean concepts and consulting, master planning, facility and site studies, and construction administration to help our clients maximize their success.

Our offices are located in two of the oldest buildings in Sheboygan and Milwaukee, but our attitude is decidedly young. Offering large-firm resources with small-firm attention, we partner with clients to create projects that have meaning.

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