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Sheboygan Christian School Campus nearing completion

We’re rounding third on the new Sheboygan Christian School campus project, when in just a few short weeks, #relationalarchitecture will truly be put to the test! See how our teammate, Jos. Schmitt Construction Co., has kept this project moving forward throughout the summer. It’s the final stretch and we are committed to finishing strong! 🦺👇🏼

Downtown Kaukauna Hotel: What it Takes

There are so many people that work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring a vision to fruition. Here’s to them, and to continued progress for the City of Kaukauna! Check out our renderings for Dreamville Kaukauna, located next door!

Walk through Yerkes!

With the completion of the electrical system, read how this renovation is going and where Yerkes is headed. There’s a chance you could even walk through it this year! @yerkesobservatory.org

Abacus Provides Civil Engineering

Did you know Abacus Architects, Inc. also provides Civil Engineering services? Read about one of our latest projects, bringing a much-anticipated subdivision to the Village of Random Lake!

Sheboygan contractors build home addition for Salchert family

While editing our website, our original post regarding this project came up. A little more digging, and we were able to locate a wonderful writeup from the Sheboygan Press (read on). It’s now been a few years since we broke ground, but that doesn’t diminish the amount of respect we have for this family. We … Continue reading Sheboygan contractors build home addition for Salchert family

Johnsonville Market Nearing Completion

The Johnsonville Market is nearing completion! It's true, things here are done the Johnsonville way, and this market is no exception. Located across the road from the Johnsonville HQ, this flagship retail store keeps the continuity of the much larger building's design, but on a smaller scale – 4,862 sf to be exact. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with C.D. Smith Construction on this project. Looking for anything with the Johnsonville brand, there's a good chance you'll find it here! #relationalarchitecture

A Special Space at the Salchert Residence

Monday, May 1st 2017 was a memorable day for the Salchert Family and our project team as we celebrated together the ground breaking of a special space in their Sheboygan home that will provide comfort for their young foster children in hospice care. Their humble and servant hearts are truly an inspiration to our project … Continue reading A Special Space at the Salchert Residence