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Meet Sydney Thompson | 2017 Abacus Architects Education Scholarship Award Winner

Abacus Architects is excited to introduce to you, Sydney Thompson the 2017 Abacus Architects Education Scholarship Award Winner from Mercer High School. Join us in wishing Sydney the best on her journey ahead!

My Future

By Sydney Thompson As a graduate from Mercer High School, I plan to pursue my desire to develop innovative methods for creating materials to support future medical advances at Winona State University. For my entire life, I have always loved the math and science fields and at first I was very interested in Architecture and Actuarial Science, but since my recent adventure to Iceland I decided to major in Composite Materials Engineering. I have chosen the Composite Materials Engineering field because of my experience, interest, and exposure to the bio-medical field while I was at Reykjavik University in Reykjavik, Iceland. I witnessed scientists and bio-medical students from UW-Madison studying paraplegics’ brains to find out why paraplegics have ghost sensations. This was the catalyst which led to my decision to be an engineer. Watching the engineers study and design solutions to problems caught my eye as something I would like to do in the future. Engineering combines teamwork, innovative thinking, and design which encompasses all of my passions. The Composite Materials Engineering degree is very versatile because you can work in any engineering field from bio-medical, chemical, to industrial. Composite Materials Engineers develop, process, and test materials used to create a range of products, from computer chips and aircraft wings to golf clubs and biomedical devices. It is my goal to integrate the expertise I gain from my post-secondary college and graduate degrees with a medical and design aspect to eventually study in the bio-medical field using my Composite Materials Engineering degree. By obtaining this degree in engineering, I am able to create materials using principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems. Constructing materials that help patients with lifelong disorders, or helping a country in need by participating in Engineering Ministries International, which is a program designed to produce engineering design solution for problem disaster sites, engineering is the future. I anxiously await my future and its endless achievability! I cannot wait to see what happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction completing my goals will bring to my life. RELATIONAL ARCHITECTURE Designing buildings that connect with people and places. Creating places that inspire, enrich, or simply work well is vitally important to us. In fact, every project we pursue is based on our ability to advance our clients’ lives. At Abacus Architects, we design to build relationships. It’s only fundamental. Architecture should serve the people who inhabit the places we create, not the other way around. It’s architecture for all of us, building together to reach a common goal. Connect with us today! Website | Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | Blog | #RelationalArchitecture  

Meet Lauren Gerads | 2016 Abacus Architects Education Scholarship Award Winner

Abacus Architects is excited to introduce to you, Lauren Gerads our 2016 Education Scholarship Award Winner from Stevens Point Area Senior High. Join us in wishing Lauren the best on her journey ahead to University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee's School of Architecture and Urban Planning! Senior Pic in Green Shirt           Award What do you want to be when you grow up? By Lauren Gerads Now a graduate from high school, I’ve heard this phrase more than my fair share. For a long time I struggled with finding an answer to this question, until I became acquainted with the field of architecture and urban planning. After researching the career path it seemed like an obvious choice. Since I was in grade school, I remember finding immense joy in walking the streets of our neighborhood “judging” or should I say critiquing homes and other commercial structures. I’ve always been in tune with my surrounding environment and the psychological effects it had on me as well as strangers. This was one particular piece I found appealing about architecture. Architects have the ability to affect so many aspects of our world, not only the quality of life, but also critical issues such as shelter, energy, money and natural resources. [caption id="attachment_810" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Habitat for Humanity Home "Here is one project we completed this year in Civil Engineering and Architecture. Our goal was to design a Habitat for Humanity home and follow the codes of creating this particular structure." -Lauren Gerads[/caption] This past summer I attended the Midwest Renewable Energy Association Fair that consisted of various seminars. One session on creating energy efficient homes caught my attention in particular. Understanding the principles of function and design that go into building an eco-friendly structure appealed to me because I could appreciate others efforts in a push for future, sustainable design. I realized that I too want to take part in this process. I see this being carried out in a career such as architecture in which I am able to develop and create something that is aesthetically pleasing, inspiring, and environmentally responsible. Constructing a world that harmonizes and protects our natural surroundings is my passion. Architects possess the ability to improve the world for future generations and make positive impacts on ALL people. I’m thrilled to pursue a profession in which I will be able to embrace ancient traditions while challenging future conventions. Connect with Abacus Architects today! Website | Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | Blog | #RelationalArchitecture