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“The Path We Follow” Johnsonville’s New Corporate Headquarters Addition | Design


We are onto the second piece of the Abacus 4D Approach – DESIGN

What is Design?

“a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building before it is built”

While this definition is simple and to the point, our definition of Design is more complex. Design must tie together the look and functions of the building, while continually advancing the realities of construction and budget. The design phase must not lose track of where we came from in our Discovery Phase. In the next few weeks you will see the development of the building’s design and personal testimonies from members of the Abacus team that were instrumental in the success of this phase of the project. Enjoy.

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-Kurt Davis Project Architect


Meet the Abacus Architects Project Team 


 Robert Heimerl | President

Bob is genuinely committed to the practice of architecture as a means of helping people improve their lives and realize their dreams. One of the firm’s founders, he and the other partners formed Abacus to create a more client-centric firm where the ownership—and the vested interest—is shared with employees. Bob is a designer and problem-solver at heart who encourages clients in big-picture thinking and future planning. With every project he gives clients his all, and finds projects for clients that help other people especially gratifying.

Kurt Davis |Project Architect

As a project manager, Kurt is in the trenches with the client from the design stage of a project all the way through construction administration. He works to build a partnership with the client, emphasizing mutual trust and accountability. A founding partner of the firm, Kurt takes pride in mentoring young people at Abacus, and seeing them develop and advance their careers. He inspires the staff at Abacus to make every job their most important one, and to keep in mind the people for whom they’re ultimately building. Kurt knows from experience that thoroughly understanding the client’s business is the beginning point for helping the client do business better through the built form.


Joel Van Ess | Site Design

Joel’s love of construction in high school led him to civil engineering, a profession he determined would allow him to remain involved with construction but also utilize his interests in math and science. After working at several engineering firms in Sheboygan following college, Joel joined with his good friend Paul Mentink to become one of the founders of Abacus Architects in 2003. In his role as an in-house civil engineer, Joel is able to give clients a determination about storm water requirements, setbacks and topography at the early, planning stage of a project, when site issues can best be managed. Joel’s leadership on these matters inspires clients with the confidence to move projects forward.

Eric Halbur | Designer

Joining Abacus Architects in 2013, Eric has a strong affinity for design and creating something that doesn’t yet exist. Eric has also been a leader in implementing the firm’s software technology, which he utilizes extensively in his role as a project manager. His creative approach involves listening to the client’s wishes, then developing design options that both meet expectations and push beyond them. Exploration is critical to Eric for not missing a detail or a direction that might make a difference. Overall, Eric strives to make the process enjoyable for clients. He understands that they are making a significant investment in their new building; all the more reason for it to be a pleasurable experience.


Anne Blanke | Interior Designer

As a 10-year-old, Anne kept a sketchbook of floor plans, so her career choice was pretty much a foregone conclusion. She completed degrees in both architecture and interior design, which allows her to plan interior spaces that seamlessly integrate with the overall goals of a project. Whether designing a small aesthetic remodeling or a large corporate interior, Anne is passionate about finessing the details to make inside spaces inspiring places to be. The firm’s first employee after it was founded by the partners, Anne is also a certified LEED Accredited Professional to assist clients with energy and environmentally conscious design.

Millennial Advisors  


 Justin Marquis | Architectural Technician

Chad Wleczyk | Relational Development




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Designing buildings that connect with people and places.

Creating places that inspire, enrich, or simply work well is vitally important to us. In fact, every project we pursue is based on our ability to advance our clients’ lives. At Abacus Architects, we design to build relationships. It’s only fundamental. Architecture should serve the people who inhabit the places we create, not the other way around. It’s architecture for all of us, building together to reach a common goal.

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