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“The Path We Follow” Johnsonville’s New Corporate Headquarters Addition | Discovery

Hope everyone enjoyed YPWeek.

We are ready to begin the Abacus 4D Approach. The first dimension of our approach is “Discovery”. It is during this time that our Team helps our client establish the Vision of the project. What are the stakeholder’s goals, objectives, parameters, budgets, dreams?  How do we tie #JVLWay and #RelationalArchitecture into a truly functional building plan?




Remember – It is not about the destination – it is all about the journey. So as we start our journey in “Discovery” we should mention the important partners, at Johnsonville, that meant so much to the success of this phase.

Ralph and Shelly          Johnsonville, LLC

Nick                                Johnsonville, LLC

Bill                                  Johnsonville, LLC

Michael                         Johnsonville, LLC

Jon                                 Johnsonville, LLC

Tanya                            Johnsonville, LLC

Leah                              Johnsonville, LLC


“The Millennials” 

Luke                             Johnsonville, LLC

Megan                         Johnsonville, LLC

Kelly                             Johnsonville, LLC

Christy                         Johnsonville, LLC

Justin                           Johnsonville, LLC

Brittany                       Johnsonville, LLC

Steven                         Johnsonville, LLC

Kumar                         Johnsonville, LLC

Sydney                        Johnsonville, LLC

Taylor                          Johnsonville, LLC

Lisa                              Johnsonville, LLC


Johnsonville has been family owned since 1945.  Ralph F. and Alice B. Stayer bought a small butcher shop in the tiny town of Johnsonville, Wisconsin.  Alice once stated that “if they won’t come to us, we’ll go to them”.  Well this project just might bring them to Johnsonville.


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Next week “The Millennials”

-Kurt Davis Project Architect


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