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Lake Country Celebrates Building Addition

Sheboygan Press, Nov. 10, 2013

On Oct. 17, Lake Country Academy celebrated the groundbreaking for the new 10-classroom addition to its building, designed by Abacus Architects and to be constructed by Jos. Schmitt Bros.

State Sen. Joe Leibham, State Representative Mike Endsley and many of the school’s founders were present for the celebratory groundbreaking.

Lake Country, which serves students in grades 4K through eight, was founded in 2001 and became a public charter school in 2008. In making the move from a private school to a public charter school, LCA purchased land and the building that houses the school from the Sheboygan Area School District this fall, alleviating the District of a $2.4 million debt.

LCA then was able to secure funds independent of the district in order to move forward on the 10-classroom addition.

The school has grown from 15 students to more than 300 students due, in large part, to its curriculum focusing on core knowledge and core virtues coupled with its direct instruction teaching method.

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