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Milwaukee X Charlotte | Your People + Neighborhoods Matter

People + neighborhoods matter to our team @ Abacus Architects.

What matters to you in your neighborhood?

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to represent our team at Abacus Architects and invest time learning, building relationships and community together in Charlotte, North Carolina so we can better serve you and your vision!!!  I invite you to experience the moments over 3 days that made up the League of Creative Interventionists Convening and to do some exploring and discovery of your own>

“From Macon, Akron, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Wichita, San Francisco…3 Days of leadership, laughter, learning, inspiration and love. Thank you Fellows, Mentors, Charlotteans, Artists, Changemakers, Family for making this such a special time together!” – Anne Koller, Artist and Peacemaker

“The Creative Interventionist Convening brought together creators and doers from around the country to share what they are discovering in their communities, to learn from each other, to amplify their work, and to create impactful projects. The Convening took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, a rapidly expanding city that has one of the lowest socioeconomic mobility stats in the country. Charlotte is discovering new ways to honor and preserve the stories of its neighborhoods while embracing this new growth.”

“The Convening set the stage nationally for where this work is currently, actively focus on neighborhood level projects and impact, and developed tools to insert art and culture at the center of neighborhood development. We celebrated Charlotte’s neighborhoods and collaborated with local residents to discover ways to develop Charlotte authentically and compassionately. Participants at the Convening included League Fellows from around the country, artists, creators, makers and partners of the League of Creative Interventionists.”

Friday Night “BE CURIOUS”

The individuals below encouraged, challenged and inspired us with meaningful stories of impactful work to kickoff the weekend.

  • McColl Center for Art and Innovation
  • Hunter Franks, Founder League of Creative Interventionists “Why Are We Here”
  • Charles Thomas, Charlotte Program Director, Knight Foundation “Growing Neighborhoods Equitably”
  • Julie Eiselt, Mayor Pro Tem, Charlotte City Council “How Neighborhood Leaders Can Impact Their Cities
  • Dan Parham, CEO, Neighborland “Everything Big Starts Small
  • Stephanie Leonardi, Head of Build Corps, Akron “Educating and Employing Youth
  • Anne Koller, “Coming Home to 53205
  • Muneer Bahauddeen, Peace Post, Milwaukee “Our Time is Now: Artists as Necessary Leaders”



We had the rich opportunity to experience how relationships, community and projects are built and delivered for impact.



Together we learned the value of tools and mentors necessary to execute projects in the following 5 categories:

1. Budget & Payment
2. Timeline & Milestones
3. Partnership & Engagement
4. Design & Measuring Impact
5. Communication

It’s time to build TOGETHER>







– Chad Wleczyk, Relational Development



Designing buildings that connect with people and places.

Creating places that inspire, enrich, or simply work well is vitally important to us. In fact, every project we pursue is based on our ability to advance our clients’ lives. At Abacus Architects, we design to build relationships. It’s only fundamental. Architecture should serve the people who inhabit the places we create, not the other way around. It’s architecture for all of us, building together to reach a common goal.

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One thought on “Milwaukee X Charlotte | Your People + Neighborhoods Matter”

  1. Thank you for sharing. Totally awesome the work and the connections you are involved with my friend. Blessed to know you and be connected. My heart and vision toward all aspects of the restoration, renewal, and revival of our community, -Metro-Milwaukee and for all others.

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