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Outside-of-the-box interview with Connor Sbrocco

Connor Sbrocco | About myself: I’m currently a rising senior attending Washington University in St. Louis studying architecture with a minor in entrepreneurship. Many of my design interests lie within bettering communities around us through impactful architecture and planning, with an emphasis on strategizing outside-of-the-box approaches to change the cities we live in. I also have a passion for music and skiing and spend much of my free time making music for the various bands and projects I am in.
Chad Wleczyk, former Relational Development @Abacus Architects is a passionate connector of people, places, and spaces. Dedicated to making a transformative difference in the lives of others and in the built environment.


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Archengage (Washu Club): https://www.facebook.com/archengagewashu/
Netflix Show: Abstract: The Art of Design https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6333098/



Designing buildings that connect with people and places.

Creating places that inspire, enrich, or simply work well is vitally important to us. In fact, every project we pursue is based on our ability to advance our clients’ lives. At Abacus Architects, we design to build relationships. It’s only fundamental. Architecture should serve the people who inhabit the places we create, not the other way around. It’s architecture for all of us, building together to reach a common goal.

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