Abacus Architects, Inc.


Project Architect


BS in Architectural Studies, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (1990)


Registered Architect in Wisconsin

About David

David’s love of being creative and solving problems started early with building models and grew as he did, leading to life-size projects and eventually a career in architecture. Early on, he learned if you debate something long enough, flip this and move that, and look at all angles and ideas, you can find a solution to anything. That attitude enables him to give clients better options even on what they knew they wanted. He feels the walk-throughs he does with them in their current space are key to exposing pain points, understanding their work processes and what should carry over to the new project. He wants the clients to know he’ll do his best to give them a quality project that meets all their needs, so he does everything he can from the very beginning to earn their trust.

On working with him

“A lot of clients know something isn’t working, but they don’t always know why, so I bring forth thoughts that get them excited. Showing I listen and understand their needs are just a couple reasons they know they can trust me.”

On his favorite project

“Everyone deserves access to good healthcare, so helping hospitals and clinics improve their facilities to impact patient care and treatment is very important to me. Sixteenth Street’s Parkway Clinic, which serves a large, low-income population, was especially meaningful as I helped increase the throughput of patients so more could be seen by a physician.”

On his own time

“First and foremost, I value time spent with my family and friends. I also enjoy golfing, running, biking, gardening, and remodeling my house–they all have an end goal while still being relaxing. I also serve on the Building and Grounds Committee at my church.”

On relational architecture

“Whether it’s making wayfinding easy where everything makes sense or creating a building with beautiful spaces and materials, it’s all about designing buildings people want to use and experience.”

Purple irises in Dave‘s perennial garden

David showing off the porch he remodeled

A window Dave refurbished

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