Abacus Architects, Inc.


Chief Development Officer


BA in History Education, Bradley University (1994)
MA in Leadership and Administration, Concordia University (1998)

About David

From career experience to playing sports, David has always understood the only way to ask the right questions and perform to the best of your ability is to care enough to have been sincerely listening. And, you can’t have a guiding vision helping you see the “great” at the end of the road if you’re not vested in understanding what progress and development feels like to the other person. Having spent the majority of his career on the other side of the table in real estate and development, David knows the strongest teams, externally and internally, have members with diverse perspectives that need to be united in a single goal. He is there to listen and be a collaborative facilitator in furthering relationships and helping ensure everyone’s role is being fully realized and executed. He believes, with the right attitude, work ethic and tenacity, improvements are always possible and success for all involved will surely follow.

On working with him

“I feel I have a learners attitude and creative mind set, enabling me to see the positives and help achieve whatever is needed to bring about solutions. For me, it starts by listening, then feeling, then thinking, . . . and then solving. Following those steps the best I can helps me get to the heart of the matter in a way I think people can truly feel, and will remember when they reflect on their experience.”

On his favorite project

“It’s hard to name just one, each is special in its own way because of what it accomplished and how it impacted people’s lives, including mine, and the significant role each played in my career. Whether making a huge difference in a family’s living situation so they didn’t have to move, to setting record-dollar deals, winning awards, and being trusted with my biggest project to date that changed the Chicago skyline, the remarkable people I’ve met and being able to use my skills for a higher purpose has been such a blessing.”

On his own time

“My family comes first! I love supporting my rock-star wife and three amazing kids in all their endeavors and traveling the world with them. I enjoy landscaping, and not just mowing the lawn, but I will admit I get some of my best ideas while I’m on my John Deere. I collect sports cards with my most prized being a 1987 Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie Card–PSA 8. If you know, you know! I’ll slip in a round of golf when I can and help out with various projects at Pine Hills Country Club. I also serve as a Trustee at World of Grace Church in Sheboygan Falls.”

On relational architecture

“It’s everything! Without relationships, there would be no meaning. I believe the best result anyone could ask for is the friendships that are formed throughout the course of a project. Our bottom line isn’t financially driven, it’s relational.”

The Van Dixhorns

Dave + his son enjoying a round of golf

Ivory, the 4th Van Dixhorn child

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