Abacus Architects


Architectural Technician


BFA in Interior Architecture & Design, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (2014)

About Ellie

Growing up on a farm in Richland Center, WI–Frank Lloyd Wright country–Ellie has always been inspired to create environments and bring the outside in. She believes that the state of a person’s environment has much to do with a person’s state of mind, and can enable them to be their best, healthiest and most productive self. Prior to joining Abacus, Ellie traveled to India for three months to study yoga. She found Indian architecture remarkable for its different planes and angles, colors, and sculptural qualities, and the pride people take in their homes. With previous work experience at an interior design/build firm, Ellie seeks to expand her knowledge of the global aspects of architecture, and is grateful for the opportunity at Abacus to be involved in a variety of projects.

On working with her

“As a team member, I’m really positive and try to keep projects moving forward, using challenges to inspire us to create something that’s even better than what we first thought we’d create.”

On her favorite project

“I enjoy adaptive reuse projects, taking a space that is currently empty, under-utilized or not working well, and renovating it to function the way the client needs it to.”

On her own time

“I set aside time every day for yoga before work. It’s very liberating to move and open the body, and gives me energy for the day. I think it has powered me through a lot of stressful situations in the field and learning experiences and has helped me grow in my career. I also enjoy getting outside to mountain bike, rock climb, and hike with my dog, June, a very adventurous Golden Retriever.”

On relational architecture

“Relational architecture is an opportunity to design with compassion. Our intention is to empower the individuals that inhabit the spaces we create to live up to their full potential.”

Full Lotus pose in India

Biking in Arizona

Hiking in Colorado

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