Abacus Architects


Architectural Technician


BS in Architectural Studies, M.Arch, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning

About Gurpreet

Gurpreet traces her fascination with architecture to visits she made with her grandfather to buildings he designed in New Delhi. After coming to Wisconsin with her parents in 1986, Gurpreet first studied architectural technology in Sydney, Australia, then returned to earn her degrees at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. With experience at two large architectural firms, Gurpreet joined Abacus to do more hands-on work in all aspects of a project. Presently, she assists project managers with drafting documents and providing design input. Gurpreet especially enjoys designing schools for the challenge of creating an environment in which students can learn more easily. Whether working on a school, residence or any of the diverse projects at Abacus, Gurpreet readily displays her passion for design.

On working with her

“I approach architecture as a conversation with the client. It’s not about selling a design but understanding how the client will use a building.”

On her favorite project

“When I worked on a project for Children’s Hospital, I saw it from the kids’ perspective. How can I make it more appealing with colors, designs and different shapes? How can I make this more welcoming and distract them for an hour or so?”

On her own time

“I love to paint, in the cubist style; that’s my stress relief. Being into fitness and working out is my second form of stress relief. I’ve also helped out Habitat for Humanity and the Wisconsin Humane Society.”

On relational architecture

“It’s understanding the client and what they want. Trying to make their vision your vision, instead of making your vision their vision.”

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