Abacus Architects, Inc.


Architectural Technician


BS, Architectural Studies, University of Minnesota College of Design  (2022)

About Jackson

City life, its economies and politics always made Jackson want to look deeper into how the urban environment works. He was more than just an observer, he would come up with big ideas for what he envisioned and imagine how he would be creative in making it happen. Combine those qualities with his interest in art and natural abilities in math and science, and his paths converged, leading him towards architecture. Whether through sustainability or in the design of the built environment, being able to use both sides of his brain every day is not only gratifying, but also helps fulfill his drive to make the world around him a better place.

On working with him

“With each new project, I’m always excited about the open-ended possibilities. I am an eager listener and welcome all new ideas anyone brings to the table. A few of my strengths include understanding what is needed and desired, and clearly communicating my ideas. Through the entire process, I strive to find solutions rather than focus on why something may not be possible.”

On his favorite project

“I like that I’ve been able to work on a broad array of projects. One minute it’s a hotel, then the next minute, I’m working on a bar addition so, as I continue to learn about the field, I also get to discover what kinds of projects I like most.”

On his own time

“From the community aspect, team camaraderie and pace of the games, my friends and I love watching and competing in sports, especially soccer. I also enjoy camping, fly fishing and hiking. Ever since I can remember, being outdoors has driven my family’s vacation destinations. Most recently, my grandpa has inspired my brother and me to get into sailing. Of course, I can’t forget about my love of travel!”

On relational architecture

“It’s not only about how we foster relationships with clients and colleagues that allows for open and successful communication, it’s also about how we create designs and build something within context of the conversations, and that will enhance the world around it.”

Study abroad experience in Italy

Brothers enjoying the Wyoming view

Jackson on the water with his dad

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