Abacus Architects, Inc.


Project Engineer, E.I.T.


BS in Civil Engineering, Marquette University in Milwaukee (2014)


Jake’s extensive experience in CAD hasn’t stopped him from always tying to find new, faster and better ways to do things and solve problems. In addition, his attention to detail and ability to work well under stress make him well equipped to tackle the ever changing plans, schedules and deadlines associated with the multiple-page plan sets that cross his desk. He enjoys seeing projects come to life and is happy to have played his part, something he thinks about each time he drives by a building in which he had a hand.

On working with him

“I work well under pressure and try to be accommodating and highly responsive, both with my communications and with solving and/or anticipating any issues that may arise.”

On his favorite project

“Working on the Fizerv Forum and The Rock Sports Complex, mainly just because of what they are and how they are used by so many people and venues. It was especially meaningful that everyone involved got to sign the foundation under the Fizerv Forum.”

On his own time

“My friends and I get together weekly to do things we all enjoy, like playing trivia and kickball. I also like traveling, either to see the world or visit friends, or both. I recently had quite the experience with my dad on safari in Africa.”

On relational architecture

“We do our best to accommodate our clients’ wants while also making sure the building will work well for all who use it.”

Jake and his friends in style at the Kentucky Derby

Meeting basketball great, Mirza Teletović

Best friends come in all sizes

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