Abacus Architects, Inc.


Civil Technician, E.I.T.


BS in Civil Engineering, Michigan Tech University (2019)


Jason’s dad was a civil engineer, so he’s been around the field his entire life and grew up with an insider’s perspective on the processes. He has always enjoyed building things and now finds it especially rewarding to be an integral part of making projects materialize. As a former college football player and now a member of Abacus, Jason has always appreciated being part of team and feels working together is a win-win for everyone. These days, he brings his A game to face every challenge at work and enjoys being able to claim victory over any problems that arise during design and construction.

On working with him

“I feel I’m a good communicator and stay in contact during the process, especially given there has to be a plan in place before construction can even begin. I also work well under pressure and don’t hesitate to spend extra hours to deliver a site design on time that not only makes sense with the contours of the land, but also works with what the client wants to build and where they want to build it.”

On his favorite project

“I had the opportunity to help reconstruct the water and sewer systems on a state highway in my hometown in Michigan. The original, old system needed to be replaced and I was excited to be back there working with the MDOT to make such a huge project happen.”

On his own time

“I spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid and still enjoy hunting, fishing and downhill skiing. I find fishing, and being out on the water, especially relaxing. I also play guitar and am continually challenging myself to learn songs I like.”

On relational architecture

“To me, it means understanding the wants and needs of the client and considering all the options to find the overall best ways to meet them.”

Jason showing off the 36" northern he caught on Lake Michigan

The Lindbeck family

Jason posing with his 6-pointer

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