Abacus Architects


Principal / Project Architect


BS in Architectural Studies, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (2014)


Registered Architect in Wisconsin

About Justin

A casual Gallery Night visit by Justin to an open house at the new Milwaukee office of Abacus Architects led to his joining the firm as an architectural intern. Though Justin hails from a family of engineers, he was drawn to art and design during a high school apprenticeship and pursued his architectural degree. Justin feels that architecture corrals multiple disciplines together to create a cohesive building and project direction. As he becomes involved in different projects at Abacus, he is exploring his interests in both design and project management.

On working with him

“I like to look at a project holistically, thinking about all the different parts of a building and how the discipline of architecture brings them together.”

On his favorite project

“It’s rewarding at this point in my career to be working on projects that are actually moving forward.”

On his own time

“I keep a moleskin for sketching details as I travel around. I like learning foreign languages and speak French and Portuguese. I also draw, paint, sail, play golf and tennis, and enjoy hanging out with friends.”

On relational architecture

“I like bringing a project to fruition and to know that I’ve played a part in helping someone realize a vision.”

Justin, his girlfriend & their dog

Hiking through Sedona, AZ

Habitat for Humanity build in El Salvador

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