Abacus Architects, Inc.


Principal / Project Architect


Associate Degree, Architectural Drafting + Construction Technology; Waukesha County Technical College (2001)


Registered Architect in Wisconsin

About Keith

Keith already had in interest in drafting and design in high school when a three-week trip to Russia cinched his career path. While he still likes to travel and see all kinds of architecture, having created functional and highly technical healthcare spaces for most of his career, he has witnessed firsthand how an environment aids in the health and wellbeing for those who need and use the facilities. Now, at Abacus, he appreciates how that truth applies to any client desiring to grow and be successful, and he enjoys being a trusted partner who can help make that happen.

On working with him

“Through all the phases of design, the fun is in working with the design team and contractors, although, the technical thinker in me likes finding solutions to limitations caused by system requirements, codes and construct-ability.”

On his favorite project

“I worked closely with the community and adjacent hospital on the function and design of a facility that’s similar to a hotel with home-like communal spaces. It gave patients traveling long distances for ongoing treatments, or a family member wanting to be close by, a place to stay at no cost to them. A project like this relies heavily on fundraising and volunteers to make it a reality, so I am proud to have played a part.”

On his own time

“Whether it’s a vacation or just playing cards, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also like to take on construction and renovation projects . . . anything from building a table to redoing a bathroom. Throw some sports in there, and I’m good to go.”

On Relational Architecture

“It’s about understanding the owner’s needs, building a relationship with them and then working closely as a trusted partner to help make their vision materialize.”

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