Abacus Architects, Inc.


Project Architect
Senior Vice President - CFO


BS in Architectural Studies, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (1991)
MS in Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (1994)


Registered Architect in Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, Texas

About Kurt

As a project manager, Kurt is in the trenches with the client from the design stage of a project all the way through construction administration. He works to build a partnership with the client, emphasizing mutual trust and accountability. A founding partner of the firm, Kurt takes pride in mentoring young people at Abacus, and seeing them develop and advance their careers. He inspires the staff at Abacus to make every job their most important one, and to keep in mind the people for whom they’re ultimately building. Kurt knows from experience that thoroughly understanding the client’s business is the beginning point for helping the client do business better through the built form.

On working with him

“What keeps me going is starting with nothing, and at the end of the project, cutting the ribbon and hearing, ‘I never dreamed it could look like this.’”

On his favorite project

“Multiple projects where it was said that it couldn’t be done, such as a school project that went to referendum three times, and we were able to fully meet their needs on a reduced budget.”

On his own time

“I think it’s important to be involved in the community, and I’ve served on the boards of the YMCA and other organizations. I’m an avid golfer, and was able to volunteer at the PGA championship at Whistling Straits.”

On relational architecture

“It’s becoming a trusted adviser to the client, so when the next job comes around, the client wouldn’t even think of calling anyone else.”

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