Abacus Architects, Inc.


Architectural Technician


B.S. in Architectural Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


You could say architecture and design are in Macey’s DNA. Her dad, Paul, is an architect and VP of Abacus and her mom, Nicole, is an interior designer. Family vacations were planned around being able to explore things that applied, in some way, to their careers. Macey says she “grew up in the life,” and is particularly fascinated with Italian architecture and has a strong desire to see it in person. In the mean time, she is up for every challenge Abacus sends her way and is happy to be a full-time member of the team.

On working with her

“I enjoy problem solving and considering all the options. It’s like a puzzle and I take pride in being able to put it together at the client’s price point and making it look the way they want. Being a good listener is key.”

On her favorite project

“I like that they encourage me work on a wide range of tasks and multiple projects at a time. Even though I’m not fully vested in any one project, I get to see how they all evolve and the part I played.”

On her own time

“Doing anything outside makes staying active more fun, especially hiking and snowboarding. I also like working on art projects and reading a good book, mainly the classics, but my top love would be traveling with my family.”

On relational architecture

“It means we make every effort to create a connection with our clients.”

Macey scoping out the Arizona landscape

Taking a break from riding the hills

The Mentink family

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