Abacus Architects, Inc.


Project Architect


BA in Architectural Studies, Iowa State University (1985)


Registered Architect in Wisconsin

About Mark

Mark grew up helping his dad and grandpa work on any and everything that needed to be built, fixed or made to function better. There was no situation that couldn’t be tackled with a hands-on approach, logical thinking and three key tool boxes: plumbing, electrical and HVAC, all of which Mark still has to this day. Combine that background with his dad being an architect and it only makes sense Mark was always interested in how things were put together. He enjoyed the process, being creative and appreciated how one person’s ideas would piggyback onto another. At the end of the day, projects would always evolve to create the best possible solutions, and that is as relevant to him today as ever. To Mark, having a mutual goal in helping clients achieve success is what it’s all about.

On working with him

“I prefer to be a team player, but one that stays out of the way and tries to keep things simple. When waters get murky, I do everything I can to help clear them up and remove or negotiate any obstructions. Ultimately, trusting the people you’re working with allows the process to flow smoothly and makes everything feel simple.”

On his favorite project

“I worked on so many meaningful projects . . . private residences, new community enhancing structures and mission-supportive spaces. The best of the best are the ones where the client is positively supported and everyone has a common goal. I love being around creative people so, most recently, I’m really liking mentoring our talented, younger people. I can see where we all benefit from each other and are growing together.”

On his own time

“I like to stay active, but biking and skiing are top of my list. There’s something about the fluidity and overall motion (not to mention the adrenaline rush). Some of my best memories are with my daughter and son, now adults, on the ski slopes. I’m also a professional ski instructor and help run the Blind Outdoor Leisure Development (BOLD) program of Southeast Wisconsin. Most Sunday nights during the winter you can find me at Sunburst ski hill, guiding and teaching the blind to ski.”

On relational architecture

“Literally, relational means the way in which two or more people or things are connected. So, for me, relational architecture is developing a unique concept that innately bonds to a client’s mission and direction.”

Guiding for BOLD in Breckenridge

Happy group just off the slopes

Mark with his kids, doing what they love

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