Abacus Architects, Inc.


Project Engineer, E.I.T.


BS in Civil Engineering, Marquette University in Milwaukee (2021)


With extended family in France, Mathieu grew up spending a month in Europe every summer exploring villages and countrysides, experiencing different cultures and broadening his horizons. Not surprisingly, his career path has been similarly characteristic in its diversity. From testing materials out in the field as a consultant, to being a general contractor, and now a designer, Mathieu can clearly see each project from every angle. He is quick to recognize and acknowledge how much of a difference having a vision and incorporating thoughtful design can effect human welfare, general culture and, overall, can make the world a nicer place for people to use and enjoy.

On working with him

“I try to be an effective and cordial communicator, always looking to be cost effective and logical while also meeting the clients’ desires. I feel keeping a good attitude helps when delivering both good and bad news and, in both cases, greases the wheels for easier and more productive conversations.”

On his favorite project

“The most meaningful projects I have been involved in are ones that are vital to well-being and change the world in seemingly little, but significant ways . . . whether it’s designing an intersection to be more safe, finding unique solutions to provide clean water and sewer facilities or building a bridge to connect island residents to the necessities they need to prosper.”

On his own time

“I’m always on the move! I venture outside Milwaukee at least twice a month to spend time with my family and to attend sporting events, especially baseball – it’s the only game in which the defense has the ball! I’ve played music since childhood, but it evolved from violin to trombone and then to guitar because it’s easier to hear and enjoy when hanging out around a fire pit.”

On relational architecture

“It’s finding a simple balance between what’s practical versus what’s aesthetically pleasing, allowing people to associate with the character and atmosphere of the world around them. I apply this everyday with the suggestions I make as well as the choices I take during the different phases of each project.”

Hiking the Grand Canyon with his brother

Family hiking trip to Bryce Canyon

The Stafford men at Black Wolf Run

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