Abacus Architects


Architectural Technician


Masters of Architecture, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

About Michelle

Having a dad and brother who were in construction, Michelle basically grew up in the field and always enjoyed watching the process. Then, while working at a construction company alongside her mentor, she was inspired by seeing the specific steps it took to create not just a house, but someone’s home. That inspiration now extends to creating inter-personal relationships that will last long after the project is finished. She believes in building bonds that help her not only address the needs of the people who are going to use and work in the space, but ultimately help all who are part of its creation.

On working with her

“I believe people’s personalities share what’s innately important to them, which is why I really try to get to know each individual. Doing so helps me see where something should be, but may not have been, of original focus.”

On her favorite project

“My next project is my favorite project. I like working with new people on new projects that are beneficial, meaningful and personal to those involved.”

On her own time

“I find it relaxing to create floral arrangements for homes and events like proms and weddings. I have a passion for baking and cooking, and that’s how I show my love to my family. I also enjoy exploring the world around me and fostering animals.”

On relational architecture

“It’s about tuning in and being able to read the clients’ deep needs, not just the obvious, and fashioning a quality product that not only meets those needs, but exceeds them.”

Michelle and her daughter, Gab

AIAS Community Service Fundraiser

Michelle and her brother on his wedding day

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