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Architectural Technician


BS in Architectural Studies, Certificate in Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (2019)

About Sam

By the time Samantha entered high school, architecture had piqued her interest and the people around her knew it. Hours spent building houses on the Sims game and with Legos was a sure give-away. As an architecture student at UW-Milwaukee, Sam’s favorite classes were the studios for the individual challenges they presented. During school, Sam also spent three spring breaks working Habitat for Humanity projects. With a desire to be involved in every facet of the building process, Samantha sees her career evolving towards project management.

On working with her

“I’m very detailed and want everything to be perfect. I’m also a good listener, striving to learn not just for myself but to make myself a  better asset to the client.”

On her favorite project

“At the moment I’m being exposed to a variety of different projects, and each one is helping me to improve myself. My interests are likely headed in the direction of commercial projects.”

On her own time

“During the summer months I like to spend time outdoors camping, biking and hiking. Every once in a while I’ll pick up a music book and go back to playing the piano. I also enjoy spending time with family when I can.”

On relational architecture

“For me, it means connecting on a more personal level with clients to give them the best designs possible.”

Sam + Eric

The Lee Family

Hiking in South Dakota with family

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