Abacus Architects, Inc.


Architectural Technician


BS, Architectural Studies, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee  (2015)

About Sisco

Sisco always had an interest in graphic arts. After feeling he mastered the techniques, his focus turned more towards the science behind composition and how he could apply those visual principals to the build environment. He doesn’t necessarily see a separation between interiors and exteriors, which explains why he believes what works, just works. To him, it’s all collaborative architecture manifesting in interesting forms that are not only client and people oriented, but satisfy all basic functions while being sustainable. Abacus gives him the opportunity to have a hand in all aspects of a project while working towards his Architecture License, so you never know where his upbeat personality and community-based philosophy will have an impact.

On working with him

“The client already has a relationship with the building, just as we have a relationship with the project. What can actually be constructed creates new relationships, so when I enter the process, I feel my easy communication style and attention to detail help find the best way to make those relationships more meaningful and useful for everyone involved.”

On his favorite project

“In addition to having great rapport with the client while working on a beginning-to-end schematic design for the Racine Unified School District Youth At-Risk Program, it was a fun experience meeting all the kids. Especially priceless was the feeling I got seeing their faces when they realized a black designer was working on their school renovation.”

On his own time

“No matter what I’m doing, it’s always most enjoyed when my family and friends are involved. And, as a self-confessed learning addict, from community work, making music, drawing, and painting to playing soccer and online chess, if it peaks my curiosity, I’m all in!”

On relational architecture

“Buildings are not built from just the structural materials we use, but also from the new relationships created with our community and clients as a result of our approach to constructing something new.”

The Hollard family at the Milwaukee Art Museum

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Never a dull moment with family (different day, different museum)

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