Abacus Architects, Inc.


Interior Designer


BFA in Interior Design, Business Administration Minor; University of Wisconsin–Stout (2014) – CIDA Accredited
magna cum laude

About Taylor

Taylor knew she wanted a career that brought together creativity, design and problem-solving skills. When most kids were jumping on furniture and making forts out of it, Taylor had a computer game that enabled her to rearrange the furniture in a space and dream up new house plans. Even then, she knew the smallest design feature could have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic and she still finds nothing more rewarding than seeing conceptual thoughts become a reality. She thrives in the team environment at Abacus and appreciates how they work as one collaborative group that focuses on attention to detail as much as she does.

On working with her

“I believe our interiors largely affect our emotions, so it’s important for me to gather the clients’ thoughts and desired needs so I can develop a functional and meaningful space that energizes and impacts lives in a positive way.”

On her favorite project

“Breathing new life into a local government building. We revived its beauty and made the design more cohesive. It was nice to hear from many employees and visitors about how they now like the design and enjoy the space.”

On her own time

“I enjoy kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking, gardening, and spending time with family. I also picked up the art of sewing. Starting from a flat pattern and piecing textiles in to a 3-dimensional piece, like a tote or quilt, is a great creative outlet.”

On relational architecture

“It’s going beyond the walls of the building and knowing it will positively impact the interactions of the local community, from the planning stage through its entire existence.”

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