Abacus Architects


Civil Technician II


BS in Geology and Geography University of Wisconsin-Madison (1987)

About Wayne

With a dual major in geology and geography, Wayne brings a strong environmental perspective to site design and preparation for Abacus clients. Wayne has always enjoyed drawing maps, and he utilizes his cartographic skills to create storm water plans, sedimentation and retention ponds and other site features. He helps clients take into consideration the long-term impacts of building projects on the landscape. Wayne also works with clients to evaluate potential building sites with regard to nearby transportation, local attractions and other criteria. A proud member of the “Rebuild Iraq” team, Wayne was in charge of the design for six different wastewater sites in the country. Wayne is analytical by nature, and has more than 25 years of experience with CAD/GIS and exploring new software programs to create ever-better solutions for Abacus clients.

On working with him

“My number one skill is being analytical, and I’m also well-versed in diverse software programs–all to help clients understand how a building will affect the landscape and be environmentally sustainable.”

On his favorite project

“When I worked on ‘Rebuild Iraq,’ I felt that I had the opportunity to do good, to make a difference and improve the lives of the people there.”

On his own time

“If I’m not creating maps at work, I’m using them in my hobbies, whether out on the water or in the woods. My wife and I enjoy time outdoors with our Springer Spaniel, and love chasing walleyes on Lake Winnebago and participating in all types of hunting.”

On relational architecture

“We work together like we are one big team, backing each other up to eliminate shortcomings, and pursuing a common cause with the client.”

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