Abacus Architects, Inc.

A structure for success.

From first sketch to ribbon cutting, Abacus Architects follows a project-specific process to achieve client goals.


Mission, Objectives, Budget - We lay the groundwork by understanding our clients’ goals and project parameters.
Program - The entire scope of the project–including the envisioned building, addition or renovation and its uses–is defined and described.
Project Kickoff - We do the paperwork.
Contract and billing - Everyone celebrates. We're underway.
Design Concepts and 3D Presentations - We create the exterior and interior designs and engineer all systems; clients go on a virtual walk-through of the proposals.
Materials and Finishes - We present detailed selections to meet the aesthetics of the project.
Site Planning - In-house civil engineering proposes environmental and landscaping solutions as needed.
Construction documents - Accurate, detailed plans and specifications are prepared for bidding.
Bidding - We recommend contractors or work with the clients preferred vendors; we assist the client in evaluating bids.
Groundbreaking - Another reason to celebrate!
Construction - We perform periodic checks to assess progress.
Job meetings - We meet with subcontractors to manage any on-site issues.
Final Inspection - Our quality control insures that the building meets every standard and objective.
Grand Opening and Occupancy - Ribbon cutting and party!
Photography - Professional photos are taken for publicity and archival use.
Follow Up - Our project managers maintain contact with clients through the first anniversary of completion to assure complete satisfaction.

Abacus Architects 4D Approach

The Abacus 4D Approach adds another dimension of comfort in working with Abacus–a well-defined method for assuring the timely completion of your project according to specifications. The details may vary depending on the complexity of the building, but the orderly, stage-by-stage process applies to–and elevates–every project.


Every architecture firm follows a process. The Abacus 4D Approach, however, incorporates distinctive principles that make a difference to our clients. They are:

Project manager continuity.
The same project manager will see your project through from first sketch to ribbon cutting. You will have a single point of contact to maintain continuity and assure that the building is being constructed according to your vision.

Dedicated teams.
From day one you will work with an experienced team of architects and designers who specialize in your building type. Your project will not be handed off to secondary personnel.

Client-centered design.
It should be a given that architects design to meet the needs of their clients, but too often egos get in the way. At Abacus, client priorities are our priorities, period.

The Abacus 4D Approach is our method of putting into practice our philosophy of Relational Architecture–creating buildings that connect to client success, enhanced living, and improved communities.

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