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2015 has been a year of growth for Abacus Architects and we have the creative and authentic team at Becker Design to thank for their relentless dedication to providing us with a new platform and branding to serve you, our clients and friends with excellence. We asked Neil Becker, Principal of Becker Design to share the dialogue we engaged in together to fuel the collaborative process. ‘What, exactly, distinguishes Abacus Architects as a firm? Answering that question with conviction was the central task of the recent branding project for the firm conducted by Becker Design. The process included reviewing the competitive landscape, interviewing virtually all Abacus personnel and select clients, examining proposals and existing communications, and lots of brainstorming. One characteristic kept coming to the fore: an architectural firm that doesn’t just design buildings, but creates relationships through the practice of architecture. Many companies say they put people and clients first. Abacus truly walks the walk. From that essential truth about Abacus comes their branding statement: Relational Architecture. With every project they design, Abacus strives to build relationships with clients and communities, and enhance their success. All that the firm does quite naturally supports its brand. And everything Becker Design has created for Abacus Architects—from logo to website to proposal format to trade show displays—communicates it as well.” –Neil Becker, Principal of Becker Design
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